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Tweed Wedding Suit

Are you arranging your wedding and now looking for a tweed wedding suit?

We would love to help you.

Here at The Bespoke Tailor, we have real passion for all things tailoring and have over the years become known as the go-to firm for your tweed wedding suit.

We understand fully how stressful organising a wedding can be. We’ve dealt with enough wedding parties to know what is involved and how it can be a minefield to those new to it.

Some of our tweed wedding suits


The Bespoke Tailor provides world-class, award-winning, internationally renowned tailoring with exceptional service.

There is nothing more satisfying than designing a suit that fits every aspect of a client – from their measurements to their personality. That is what tailoring is all about.

The Bespoke Tailor is here to help.

We’ll guide you through each step of the commission as if you were sat with a long standing friend; we’ll make it easy for you and let you make you decisions but explain the options in full so that you are best placed to make informed decisions about your tweed wedding suit.

The Bespoke Tailor - Services - BannerOur aim is to create the sharpest, best fitting tweed wedding suits and we do this by being experts in our field.

With many years experience in the tailoring industry, we have the knowledge, the capability, the passion and the drive to come up with the perfect tweed wedding suit for you and your party.

We can work closely with your wedding planner too.

We urge you too to take a look at our testimonials page where you will find write ups from various clients throughout the U.K who have entrusted us to commission their wedding suits.

We travel throughout the U.K.

Even though we have a studio in London, we are based in Staffordshire. This allows us to visit our clients through the U.K at their homes or places of work. This allows our clients to enjoy time with their family over the weekend rather than spending the time traipsing around the shops dealing with part time shop assistants.

Do you have ideas? Please send them over!

We love to hear new ideas that clients have come up with – it’s called evolution! We would encourage you to send over any ideas that you may have for your wedding suit so that we can start compiling a file to create the perfect suit for your wedding.

We find the clients often find the ideal garment inline but impossible to find in reality. This is where we can help: With 7000 fabrics at any one time, we are confident that we can find you the ideal fabric and use this as a basis to build from.

Once the cloth is chosen, we’d then guide you through the design, taking time to explain each and every step until we have the perfect set of elements for your commission.

With are confident that if you choose The Bespoke Tailor for your bespoke wedding suits, you will love the entire experience.

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Midnight Navy Evening Suit

Midnight Blue Evening Suit

Is a Midnight Blue Dinner Suit correct?

Over the past few years, we have noticed a sharp increase in the midnight blue dinner suit.

From the red carpet at the Oscars to the ordinary folk amongst us, the midnight blue dinner suit is being seen more and more. The contrasting blue on the black satin looks incredibly stylish.

Midnight Navy Evening SuitAt The Bespoke Tailor, we are fully aware of the rules of black tie and ensure that our garments comply with tradition and fashion alike.

Eddy Redmayne has been seen wearing a midnight blue dinner suit at the Oscars. We were disappointed not to see satin piping on the trousers but the jacket looked sharp.

The idea with “black tie” is that the male should stick to a very strict set of rules. The monotone outfits would blend in and allow the female companion to be the centre of attention.

Over the past few years though, the male has become a little more fashion conscious.

When we get commissioned for a midnight blue dinner suit, we recommend a mohair fabric. This is a slightly more course fabric that work perfectly for evening wear. Mohair is made from goat, as opposed to sheep so the fibre is better suited for the commission. The crease resistance is incredible too which means that the garment looks as sharp at the end of the night as it did at the beginning.

Are you looking for a midnight blue dinner suit? The Bespoke Tailor will be able to help!

We can create a single breasted or double breasted evening suit and take you through each and every detail before cutting the perfect suit for you.

The midnight blue evening suit is perfect for weddings, awards ceremonies, black tie events and the jacket can even be worn separately.

We take appointments at our London showroom and see clients in the comfort of their own home or places of work at a time that is ideal for them.

With around 7000 fabrics being available, we are confident that we have more clothes than any other London tailor. This means that we are able help with any businesses attire, wedding suits, evening wear or even bespoke shooting suits.

We will keep you informed throughout the process and will see you with various fittings until the garments are perfect.

We require a minimum of 8 weeks to complete a commission although this does differ depending on the level of work going through the work shop.

Menswear At Royal Ascot

Menswear At Royal Ascot

Menswear At Royal Ascot

Royal Ascot is a major event in the British social calendar, attracting the rich and famous from all over the world and generating over 6 million pounds in prize money.  It attracts many of the world’s finest racehorses and is visited by the Royal Family year after year. The Royal Procession is always an iconic moment to herald the start of every race day. Located in Berkshire, the event held on Tuesday 14th June to Saturday 18th June offers a truly memorable occasion. Anticipated and revered, these five days are made for socialising. Press coverage of the attendees and what they are wearing often exceeds coverage of the actual racing, so dressing for this unforgettable occasion is an important part of the day.

There are three enclosures visited by guests on Royal Ascot week:

Royal Enclosure

The most prestigious enclosure of them all, this is an invite or membership only area. The dress code is extremely strict and gentlemen are reminded to wear either black or grey morning dress. This consists of a double or single breasted waistcoat, tie, matching top hat and black dress shoes. The morning coat has curved front edges sloping back at the sides into long tails. It is single-breasted with peaked lapels. Choosing a pale coloured shirt will sit well with the black-clad crowd.

 Queen Anne Enclosure (Formerly Grandstand Enclosure)

A more relaxed theme for this enclosure; gentlemen are required to wear a suit with a shirt and tie. A perfectly tailored suit would allow you to be more confident with the colours. Opting for light colours grey, beige or even light blue will bring the summer feeling to your outfit. Choosing a lightweight wool or linen will ensure the suit provides a cool attire. The ground will be uneasy so opting for brogue boots will compliment your look.

Windsor Enclosure (Formerly The Silver Ring)

Although no formal dress code applies in the Windsor Enclosure, no sportswear is allowed and smart casual is recommended.

Light coloured tapered trousers and relaxed neutral shirt will work well together. To avoid the chilly breeze, a casual blazer is recommended to really set this outfit off. Choosing a dark colour blazer will tone down your attire to provide a stylish and smart image. Again the ground will be uneasy so choosing sturdy footwear is crucial; rubber soled shoes will help you keep your footing and opting for darker colours will keep the grass stains at bay!

Wherever you get to view the most iconic races, you will have a fantastic day, topped off by feeling confident in your stylish outfit!

Wimbledon Wardrobe

Your Wimbledon Wardrobe

How To Ace Your Wardrobe At Wimbledon

Champagne, strawberries, sunshine – what a great way to spend a summer’s day relaxing at Wimbledon! It is the most prestigious tennis event on the calendar and has been held in the London suburb of Wimbledon since 1877.

With the event taking place throughout June and July wherever your ticket takes you; Centre Court, the three main courts or a relaxing picnic on ‘Henman Hill’ – here are some tips for what to wear to this wonderfully British occasion.

Casual Suit - The Bespoke Tailor 1Mens Wimbledon Etiquette

Your outfit needs to be ready for the British climate so making sure you are prepared for all weathers is a must. One minute you may be relaxing in the summer sun, the next covering up to avoid the torrential downpour! A trilby hat is a great way to avoid the summer heat; it’s stylish, lightweight and matches whatever outfit you choose. An umbrella is an accessory that will no doubt prove very useful. And as far as your attire goes, choosing a breathable fabric, like cotton or linen is a good option for providing a comfortable outfit.

The Royal Box

If you’re lucky enough to be invited to The Royal Box, then you need to make sure that your dressed for the occasion. The Royal Box, in Centre Court is a very respectable seating area which requires all visitors to dress up. A well-tailored suit and tie will help you feel comfortable in your surroundings. Try and avoid wearing an all-black suit and opt for a royal blue or grey. Match this perfectly with a classic shirt in pale hues. Wear with some stylish Derby shoes in black or brown to complete the look.

Centre Court (& Courts 1,2 & 3)

Over recent years, the dress code for Centre Court has been relaxed. This means that you may wear ‘smart’ shorts. Tailored shorts with a shirt and sports jacket would be a more comfortable option. If you would prefer, a pair of chinos can be replaced for the shorts. Again opting for a classic pale shirt will be beneficial if the weather is kind to us. Teamed with a dapper blazer, you will look elegant for after match drinks and cocktails. Smart suede loafers will compliment your shorts or chinos stylishly.

Wimbledon Hill

Known as ‘Henman Hill’ or ‘Murray Mound’, this is a more relaxed, casual grassy area which shows all the action on the large screen. As no seating is provided, a comfortable attire is recommended. There is no dress code for Henman Hill but as you may be perched on a blanket on the grass, an outfit that fits nicely and is at ease with your body can help you enjoy your day. Tailored shorts, teamed with a smart polo shirt and classic lace ups in suede or leather will keep your look sharp and admired.

Remember, the weather is known for its unpredictable nature at Wimbledon, so don’t forget your little added extras to make sure the day runs smoothly. And talking of added extras.. enjoy the strawberries and Pimms…..and of course, the tenni

Navy Bespoke Jacket

Timeless Suit Style

Timeless Suit Style

Buying a suit is a tough decision for a lot of men. It can be especially difficult if you lack experience and don’t really know what you’re looking for. The amount of choice alone can be totally overwhelming. Here I focus on four timeless styles to make that choice a little more manageable.

Bespoke Plaid Suit* The Plaid Suit

Let’s kick off with the plaid suit, which I admit, is something of an acquired taste. You definitely have to possess a certain amount of confidence to pull off a bold check. If you can do it though, you will always be rewarded with more than your fair share of attention. Match a plaid jacket with a single-colour shirt and a less busy tie. If you like the attention, you can wear plaid suits all year round, dark in the winter, bright in the summer. If attention is not something you’re after, let’s move on to something a little less conspicuous…

Bespoke 2 Piece Grey Suit* The Two-Button Charcoal Suit

This classic dark-but-not-too-dark suit is perfect for mixing with an endless array of shirts and ties. Great with both solid and patterned shirts or solid or patterned ties, but do remember not to pair pattern with pattern. Perfect for just about any occasion and if you’re at all nervous about buying a suit, you cannot go wrong with a dashing charcoal number.

Navy Blue Bespoke Suit* The Navy-Blue Suit

Similar to the charcoal suit but probably a tad more versatile, this is the classic suit for every occasion and all year round. Job interviews, weddings, daily work or dates, the navy-blue suit will never let you down. It can also be worn with just about any shirt and tie and you can even get away with wearing the jacket by itself with a pair of jeans. If you’re in any doubt at all, the navy blue will see you well.

There’s something for everybody when it comes to suit design and it’s just a case of working with a good tailor and being steered in the right sartorial direction.

* The Double-Breasted Suit
In terms of fashion, double-breasted suits truly are timeless and are guaranteed to be never “out”. They’re also ideal no matter what age you are, but it has to be said, they’re particularly suited to tall and slender men. David Bowie always looked fantastic in a double-breasted suit, for example. If you can manage to get one made to measure, all the better. And remember to keep it buttoned up at all times.


camo dinner jacket

Camo Dinner Jacket - The Bespoke Tailor

Hello and welcome to The Bespoke Tailor – The Home Of British Tailoring. Are you looking for a Camo Dinner Jacket? If so, you have come to the right place.

Over the past 2 or 3 years, we have seen a large surge in clients looking to push the boundaries on dinner jackets. Even though evening wear is very traditional, many of the cloth mills have increased their offering of Jacquard designs. Predominant within this selection we see a lot of camouflage or camo dinner jacket fabrics coming through.

The average client goes to 6-10 events a year where black tie is required. Many of those have only the one outfit, which tends to be classic that that can be worn for years to come. If you are looking for a camo dinner jacket, I would suggest this to be the second or even third choice in your wardrobe – the last thing you want is to be known for the jacket!

However, if you looking for something different, then a camo dinner jacket can be a great option.

Being in the tailoring industry now for 25 years, this is the first time I have seen such a garment coming into fashion. However, if you look at street wear, you will see camo featuring heavily in trainers, casual trousers, tshirts, shirts and pullovers. So, I suppose it was only a matter of time!

Camo is a great option. However, never go for a camo dinner suit, only ever the jacket.

Unless you work within an environment where the rules don’t apply – the music industry for example, then understand the following: Black Tie is a uniform.

Camo Dinner Jacket Styling

Many people opt for the Peak lapel on an evening suit. More often than not, this will be made in a black or blue satin too. The width is important and a tailor should always take into account the proportion of the client. On this type of garment, there is no need for a flowerhole.

A very classic evening garment would be “plain back” without any vent at all. This is a rather dated approach though and so I suggest a side vent is  a safer approach.

On a camo dinner jacket, given it’s a more youthful idea my suggestion would be to go for a single button jacket.

The fabric does all the talking! The detailing required on this type of garment is minimal. A sharp, slim peak lapel, black satin buttons and black satin covered jetted pockets in all the garment needs.

If you are opting for the satin lapel, understand that the satin goes beyond what you see and comes into the inside of the jacket. For this reason, it is advised to do a black satin lining. I’m a fan of this quality found at our friends at Dugdale Bros. Remember, the quality is key as the lining is the first thing you feel!


A number of cloth mills are now producing this type of jacquard design and we at The Bespoke Tailor pride ourselves in the best. The finest cloth that we have come across is from Huddersfield Fine Worsted which can be found here

Prices range from £949.95 to £1999.95 depending the way in which the garment is made and required detailing.


Bespoke Tweed Jacket

Welcome To The Bespoke Tailor – The Home Of British Tailoring. With so many clients enjoying the process of a bespoke tweed jacket, I thought you’d want to know more about the do’s and don’ts.

Bespoke Tweed Jackets are so versatile these days. From the office to the pub, restaurant and even a more formal occasions. In the U.K we have some of the best and well-known tweed mills on the planet. We have the pleasure in dealing with many of the great artisans in the trade. Check out our cloth merchant page.

Recently, a client commissioned me to create a bespoke tweed jacket.

Ian is a good client of mine who is a fan of detail and colour. Tweed is a fantastic choice for those looking for either of these.

There are so many types of tweed and below you will find a selection.

Types Of Tweed

Bespoke Tweed Jacket - 1

Plain Tweed –  Plain Tweeds come in a variety of colours, weaves and weights. These are a great all round bespoke tweed jacket.

Bespoke Tweed Jacket - 2

Overcheck Twill – This is the tweed that most people will recognise. Most commonly found in green, brown and blue, there is a large “windowpane” check that sits above the main colour. Clients who commission this fabric for a bespoke tweed jacket are more than likely into the country sports.

Bespoke Tweed Jacket - 3

Houndstooth Tweed – Depending on the size of the “tooth” these can be referred to as DogTooth, HoundsTooth or PuppyTooth. You will often find this pattern in a suiting collection as well as the tweeds. Perfect bespoke tweed jacket for the races!

Bespoke Tweed Jacket - 4

Herringbone Tweed – The Herringbone refers to the chevron design seen throughout the pattern. Again, you see this in suiting as well as country attire. The pattern is better appreciated in the sunlight as the chevron bounces daylight and creates a luxurious sheen to the garment. This is a great casual suit or bespoke tweed jacket.

Bespoke Tweed Jacket - 5

Striped Tweed – A Stripe Tweed is found in varying weights and colour options and they feature a strong, prominent vertical stripe throughout the pattern.

Bespoke Tweed Jacket - 6

Donegal Tweed – Donegals are a personal favourite. These come in many colour options and the unique patterns feature coloured “slubs” coming through in vibrant colours such as reds, yellows and greens.

Bespoke Tweed Jacket Style

A classic “Notch” lapel is advised on a country suit. Hand stitching always adds a touch of detail. The width is important and a tailor should always take into account the proportion of the client. The alternative is a Peak Lapel and most often found on a double breasted suit. You do, however, very often see this on a casual jacket these days.

The rear vent found on the back of the jacket ware invented when we began riding horses. The idea of the side (or double) vent was that is splayed across the back of the horse. I, being an award winning tailor will always advise this to be the best route. We do often see clients who prefer the more modern Centre vent where the aim is to bring the “skirt” into the hips. We are seeing this more often as the jackets are getting shorter.

The traditionalists out there would argue that a single breast 3 button jacket is the ideal. They are not wrong, although a majority of clients would opt for the more elegant 2 button fastening.

If want to add to the detail of your bespoke tweed jacket, the lists are endless. From a storm collar to shooting back. Half belt to football buttons, country attire is where clients have fun with the details. Many clients prefer the softer shoulder line on a bespoke tweed jacket for the more casual approach.

As you can see from the image here of a garment recently made for the horse racing, there are plenty of interesting linings around that allow you bespoke Grand National Outfit to stand out from the crowd!




Grand National Outfit

Have you placed your bets yet? It’s time to organise your Grand National outfit!

The Grand National at Aintree is a prestigious 3 day event. Offering fun, thrills and drama it culminates with the big race itself on Saturday afternoon.

A day at the races is a great occasion to get dressed up. Be a bit more creative and bold, adding your own personality and style to your outfit! During this 3 day event, ladies day is hugely popular. Giving all women the opportunity to dress up – but who says men cannot go that extra mile and dress to impress? Having a unique Grand National outfit is the type of event that many of our clients commission us for.

Aintree is known for its glamorous, smart and sophisticated attire. At The Bespoke Tailor we can help you to achieve this look! You may be too late to cut a strut at this year’s event but there are plenty more opportunities throughout the year. From Royal Ascot, Epsom Derby and Glorious Goodwood to name just a few.

Grand National Outfit Styling

Sometimes, less is definitely more. With a good fit and cut, and with an eye for detail this look can be established with ease. If you do want to add a bit more to your Grand National Outfit. A bold, check jacket is the way forward, but always keep everything else clean and sharply tailored.  We use only the very best British cloth merchants. So, rest assured, not only will the quality of the tailoring be the best the U.K has to offer, but the cloth will be too!

A classic “Notch” lapel is advised on a country suit. Hand stitching always adds a touch of detail. The width is important and a tailor should always take into account the proportion of the client.

The rear vent found on the back of the jacket ware invented when we began riding horses. The idea of the side (or double) vent was that is splayed across the back of the horse. I, being a tailor will always advise this to be the best route.

The traditionalists out there would argue that a single breast 3 button jacket is the ideal. They are not wrong, although a majority of clients would opt for the more elegant 2 button fastening.

If want to add to the detail of your Grand National outfit, there are many ways to do so. From a storm collar to shooting back. Half belt to football buttons, country attire is where clients have fun with the details.

As you can see from the image here of a garment recently made for the horse racing, there are plenty of interesting linings around that allow you bespoke Grand National Outfit to stand out from the crowd!


Enclosure Type

The dress code can depend on the enclosure you are attending – will it be the Members club or the Premier enclosure? These are by far the more prestige enclosures and strict race day dress code is applied. Most men are required to wear formal wear; a smart jacket and tie. For example, at Royal Ascot in the Royal Enclosure, you are required to wear a formal morning suit and ideally a top hat.

Formal morning suits consist of a black coat, waistcoat and grey striped trousers. Men may also wear a popular variant where all parts are the same colour and material, often grey and usually called ‘morning grey’ to distinguish it.

For less strict enclosures (Grandstand, Paddock) a traditional tweed suit is very popular – we recommend a good fitting three piece suit which will make you feel the part. And don’t forget the little touches – a pocket square will complete the look nicely.

Nothing looks better than a well-dressed man who oozes both style and confidence. The races are meant to be fun so you need to feel comfortable in your suit – let us help you to complete your look for the next key event on the racing calendar.

For further information, click here to view the official Aintree website.


Origins of Style – A Brief History of the Pinstripe Suit

The pinstripe suit came into being around the end of the nineteenth century and has been in fashion pretty much ever since. Originally made famous by stylish Brits, the suit would become increasingly popular throughout the globe as men (and later, women too) wanted to project an image of sophistication and class through their choice of suit.

Where did the pinstripe come from?

As with most sartorial origin stories, there is a degree of controversy over how the pinstripe suit came into existence. In fact, the only thing that everyone is able to agree on is that the pinstripe was definitely an English invention. Beyond that, two schools of thought emerge, one that suggests the iconic suit began life in the world of banking, the other that prefers the notion that it actually became popular after its use in popular sporting activities of the day.

The banking theory has it that the pinstripe was a kind of uniform for English Victorian bankers and that the difference in the thickness and distances between stripes was a way of indentifying employees from different banking institutions. The sporting hypothesis sees the pinstripes as evolving out of the striped uniforms worn by men who liked messing about on water. Boating was an extremely popular pursuit in the 19th century, as was banking, so neither theory is unreasonable.

The rise of the pinstripe

The popularity of pinstripe suits grew rapidly once it had spread across the Atlantic, taking American culture by storm in ’20s, ’30s and ’40s. The suit became the unofficial uniform of the Prohibition era, beloved of the ultra-stylish and anoyone who wanted to stand out from the crowd and make a bold statement. Naturally then it was popular not only with film stars and jazz musicians, but also with gangsters, the most famous of which of course was Al Capone.

After Prohibition the suit became even more mainstream when huge stars such as Clark Gable and Cary Grant continued to popularise it. It is said that the pinstripe suit that Clark Gable’ wore in Gone with the Wind influenced the emergence of the flamboyant, flared-trousers, padded-shouldered zoot suit.

The modern pinstripe

These days the pinstripe is everywhere. It is still a part of mainstream sartorial culture and is one of a myriad of style options available to the modern man, or woman. In fact, the pinstripe has definitely crossed the gender divide and has become a basic component of women’s clothing, particularly in business, where it remains especially popular with both genders.


Stay Stylish this Christmas and New Year

It’s that time of year again. Christmas jumpers are in abundance, after-work drinks and parties seem never-ending and the jury will be out on who will be the biggest embarrassment at the office Christmas party. Of course, you don’t have to follow the crowd. Christmas and the New Year may be a time when you let your hair down, but it doesn’t mean you should compromise on the fashion stakes. On the contrary. The festive season throws up many events and occassions where looking sartorially elegant is what any discerning male should aim tro achieve.  For example:

The office party – don’t wear that suit you’ve been wearing all year. Wear a suit that’s a different colour and cut or combine a tailored jacket with smart jeans and a crisp open-neck white shirt. Office parties tend to be informal affairs so tone-down your outfit and keep it smart casual.

Formal occasion – if you’ve been invited to a black-tie event for New Year’s Eve then make sure you adhere to the black-tie rules. Not dark blue or dark grey. It should be black and pay attention to the detailing – white shirt, matching black trousers, black bow-tie, black socks and black formal shoes.

A smart dinner party – smart casual or suited and booted is the order of the day here. It really depends on how smart the dinner party is. If you’ve opted to go to a very chic Michelin-starred restraurant then I would recommend a tailored suit in a neutral colour such as black, grey or navy and then inject some colour with a silk tie and pocket square. Elegant silver cufflinks and a showpiece watch will complete the look.

Whatever you’re doing this Christmas and New year, have a wonderful time and keep it stylish. Remember, those photos of you on social media never really go away, so make sure that when you’re caught up in a group photo, you can at least be proud of your attire!