Shooting Suits

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Shooting Suits

Are you looking for a bespoke Shooting Suit? With many years of experience, we have enjoyed working with clients to produce the perfect outfit for them for the season. Suits used for country sports are extremely technical and therefore should be made by a firm who understands these intricate details.

What We Do


Since 1996, I have been working with clients to produce all their formal attire. In the years that followed, I found myself creating their entire wardrobes, including that of their country pursuits. I understand fully what is required from all types of shooting suits. From the jackets, to the breeks, the field vest to the trousers. Should you be a novice looking for your first shooting suit, I am able to guide you through the elements, working alongside you to create the perfect suit for you and the activity.

National Coverage

Together with our showrooms in Staffordshire, Warwickshire and Central London, we also travel to syndicates throughout the UK and beyond. We are able to arrange a telephone consultation prior to our meeting. This allows us to understand your requirements and allow us to collate the perfect fabric selections for the commission. We understand that our clients are busy and so we are happy to work around your diary.


The U.K is the epicentre of cloth mills who specialise in the country sports. From Micro Mills in the outer hebrides to cloth mills in Cornwall, we use only the very best fabrics available. Each mill specialises in areas of shooting attire. Whether we are looking for a Harris Tweed or a thorn proof fabric, water resistant or lightweight, we are able to source the ideal fabric for your outfit. As the quality of fabric from off-the-shelf shooting suits declines, I continue to stride to provide you with the very best quality fabric.

Tailored To You

I love working with clients on their shooting wear. Each garment has its own unique requirements and we work alongside one another to ensure every element is covered. From the technical elements to the fitting, we will custom every last part of your suit. Having a tailor-made shooting suit that is designed and created just for you will make you feel special, there’s no other way to put it.

World-Class Tailor

The Bespoke Tailor provides world-class tailoring with exceptional service. The kind of service that you remember and the quality of garments that make you feel special when you wear them. I will get to the heart of what you need and work closely with you to design and create garments that are bespoke to you

Every Detail Customised to You

With a choice of over 7,000 fabrics sourced from the best mills in the U.K and beyond together with a range of styling options to choose from, I will work with you on every detail of your garment. From bellow pockets, poachers pockets, stag horn buttons, “action backs”, half belts, breeks, each and every element will be designed and made to your exact requirements. The garment is unique to you.

Some Examples Of Our Shooting Suits


The Bespoke Tailor provides world-class, award-winning, internationally renowned tailoring with exceptional service.

There is nothing more satisfying than designing a suit that fits every aspect of a client – from their measurements to their personality. That is what tailoring is all about.

I have been a customer of Adrian for over 8 years now and I am delighted with the service, quality and his patients! I would not and do not hesitate recommending his Services to friends, colleagues and family. My shape is ever changing and again Adrian is able to accommodate this which is greatly appreciated.
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