The main drive in setting up The Bespoke Tailor was to be able to go and see our clients in a location, environment and setting that was suitable for them. My clients are the most important aspect of my business. I understand how busy they are and that’s why I’m prepared to work to their diaries. I will travel to a location of their choosing, be that work or home, to provide a tailoring service to their door.

Being able to connect with clients and create a unique style that perfectly fits their personality is a great honour. With 20 years’ experience in tailoring, my passion is to provide a first class service and be able to create tailored suits that portray a stylish and confident image. Bespoke Tailoring is all about precision. It’s about creating an individual design, identifying what the garment is needed for and selecting a colour, cut, style and fabric that meet this requirement. Nothing can reflect your personality and give you confidence more than a hand-made suit.  It should fit perfectly with your body shape and reveal something about your style and character. The Bespoke Tailor excels in this area and I am dedicated to achieving this for all my clients.

I will work with you on every detail of your garment, from ticket pockets and belt loops to the width of the pocket flaps, everything will be designed to your exact requirements so that it is unique to you. All these little touches ensure the suit is completely built around the client to fit them exactly and is not remodelled from previous designs. With the creation of a bespoke hand-made suit being a detailed process you can have confidence that The Bespoke Tailor can accomplish that stylish suit that you desire.

We offer many bespoke tailoring services including bespoke suits, wedding suits, business suits, formal attire or country wear. But luxury tailoring is not confined to business and wedding suits. The same degree of style, finesse and attention to detail needs to be applied to your casual wardrobe so that you’re never short of something unique, individual and stylish to wear when you just want to chill out and kick back for a while. Whatever the occasion we can help you design that perfect outfit.

I am proud of my British tailoring heritage and in Great Britain we weave the best cloth in the world and I’m only prepared to work with the best. With a selection of over 7000 fabrics to choose from, I can design an outfit that will get you noticed.

Working with The Bespoke Tailor will not only give you expertise but also great value. I do not operate from an expensive retail establishment and you can be rest assured that all my costs go into the quality of your garments.

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