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Bespoke Etched Buttons

Bespoke Detail We Offer

Each of our bespoke garments have their own set of requirements. Clients sought our advice on a wide variety of ideas. Over the years, we have produced a whole range of elements from etched buttons, to unique thread colours to printed lining. We are able to work with clients to ensure that the garment is as unique as the client.

Some of our finishing touches


The Bespoke Tailor provides a world class tailoring service for clients in the U.K and beyond.

Each garment is as unique as the client and we offer a wide variety of design ideas. 

We pride ourselves in the fact that we never the same garment twice.

Adrian has created both formal work suits as well as casual blazers for me and this year made me a three piece suit for my wedding, the most important suit I have worn, I wouldn’t have trusted anyone else.


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