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Bespoke Tailoring Services

The Bespoke Tailor was founded in 2011 with the goal of providing a ‘Savile Row’ experience brought to your door. I wanted to offer a truly bespoke service to my clients that could fit in with their busy diaries and schedules. We also wanted to provide the best, most sustainable fabrics to customers as the quality declines for off-the-rail suits. This has proved to be a resounding success and I work and travel all over the UK and the Middle East providing a unique personalised tailoring service to my discerning client base. Here are some of the services that I offer:

What We Do


My bespoke suits are handmade to your precise requirements to create an distinguished, flawless garment that is uniquely tailored to you.


I create garments that are bespoke to your lifestyle and personality and tailored to your exact measurements for exceptional comfort and effortless style.

Wedding Suits

I provide a bespoke tailoring service for grooms and groomsmen. I will create a suit that will make you look and feel amazing on your wedding day.


I design bespoke suits and garments for all occasions. From sporting events to business meetings, I create the perfect look, whatever the occasion.

Shooting Suits

Look every inch the country gentleman with traditional British clothing including tweed jackets, shooting garments, and country suits.

Bamboo Jackets

My bespoke bamboo jackets are handmade from environmentally friendly materials for a tailored suit that is both super sustainable and stunningly stylish.

Barrister Suits

My bespoke barrister suits are handmade to your precise requirements to help you make the right impact.


We also create a number of casual items including car coats,chinos, casual jacket using the very best British and Italian cloth mills.

The suit is amazing. Let's say that straight away. But it’s the level of personal attention and experience and knowledge from Adrian – makes the whole experience fantastic. The detail on the suit and the fit makes me feel a million dollars. Thank you Adrian

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