Cloth Merchants

Cloth Merchants

We Use Only the Very Best In Fabrics

Using the best mills and merchants in the World, The Bespoke Tailor is proud to have a wide selection of fabrics available. 

Every bespoke garment is unique with it’s own set of rules and the foundation of the garment is the fabric from which it is cut. From micro mills in Scotland to the worlds most renowned luxurious cloth houses, we have something that is perfect for both you and your commission.


Established in 1938, Scabal is a Belgium based textile business. Known for their work in the film industry for the cloth used for James Bond, scabal have a wide selection of fabrics woven in the U.K


The Bespoke Tailor - Dormeuil Logo

Founded in 1842, Dormeuil were importers of British woven fabrics. Based in Paris they weave some of the most intricate fabrics on the market.

Huddersfield Fine Worsted

Based in West Yorkshire, Huddersfield Fine worsted is an Internationally renowned fabric manufacturer.

Loro Piana

Loro Piana is an Italian fabrics and clothing company specialising in high end, luxury cashmere and wool products.

Harrisons Of Edinburgh

The Bespoke Tailor LBD Harrisons

Established in 1838, in Edinburgh, The Bespoke Tailor uses Harrisons of Edinburgh for country wear and casual jacketing together formal attire.

Abraham Moons & Sons

The Bespoke Tailor Abraham Moon

Established in 1837, Abraham Moons are synonyms with British weaving.  Moons are suppliers to The Bespoke Tailor of country tweeds, outerwear and casual jacketing.

Holland & Sherry

The Bespoke Tailor Holland Sherry

Since 1836 Holland & Sherry has continued to supply prestigious tailors and luxury brands with some of the finest cloths in the world. 


The Bespoke Tailor Cacciopoli

Established in 1920. With the fourth generation of the Cacciopoli taking the business into the 21st Century, the weavers are know for the luxury Italian fabrics.

Lovat Mill

The Bespoke Tailor Lovat Mill

Situated on the River Teviot, in the picturesque Scottish Borders town of Howick, Lovat Mill has a World renowned reputation for woven excellence in design and quality. 

Porter & Harding

The Bespoke Tailor Porter & Harding

Porter & Harding was founded in 1947 by John Porter and Bill Harding, two lovers of country sports. George Harrison & Co became partners in Porter & Harding with shared warehousing in Edinburgh and shared offices in Paris and New York.

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