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So what exactly should a man wear on the most important day of his life – his wedding day? If you are in the process of getting married and are looking for a modern wedding suit for a groom you have no doubt scoured the various wedding magazines and explored the internet looking for advice about what kind of groom suits to wear and what would be right for the occasion

You have probably been reading about whether to buy or hire, whether you should wear a morning suit, tails, tuxedo, stroller jacket, dinner jacket or tweed suit or dark suit and you are probably as confused as you ever have been.

By the time you have absorbed all this information you are no further forward and have so many choices whizzing around your head that you don’t know where to start. That’s where The Bespoke Tailor comes in. I’m Adrian Barrows and I have been in the tailoring business for over 18 years and in this time there is one crucial thing that I’ve learnt about your wedding day and that is nobody can tell you what your style is, only you can do that. That’s why people come to me or to be more accurate that’s why I go to them.