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Our Process

On Creating The Perfect Garment

Whether you are looking to commission your first bespoke garment or looking to change tailors, we work with our clients to deeply understand your needs and create the perfect outfit for you whatever the occasion.

The process depends on your needs so below you will find a guide on how we work and what you can expect. 

Rest assured, you are in safe hands with 25+ years of experience. 

Request A Fitting

Step By Step.

We work closely with our clients to create formal and casual wardrobes that reflect their needs and personalities. We are proud to have many long standing clients and have preened to perfect process to create the most effective results.

We are happy to take your lead or take the lead on your garments – we work in partnership with you however you wish. 

Pre Consultation.
Whether it by email or telephone we will gather as much information as possible prior to meeting. This enables us to pre select fabrics for you which suit the occasion and the time of the year you are wearing the garment together with any budget constraints that you may have.
If you have surfed the internet for ideas, you are welcomed to send any images that you have seen to help with the selection. We understand that being faced with 5000+ fabrics can be a little daunting.

Initial Consultation.
Whether this takes place at our showroom or  home/office visit, you appointment will be diarised at a time that suits you. We offer many out of hour appointments as we understand our clients are busier than most. 
When we meet, we will sit and discuss your requirements in depth from the work you undertake to the wedding theme. We ask many questions and invest a lot of time at this stage. The more information we have, the better the results. 
From this, we are then able to present you with some fabric options and invite you to take a look at a wider choice should you wish. Other than the fabric, we then move on to linings, buttons, threads, meltons and other elements that make up the garment. 
Once we have the elements together, we then move on to the styling. We will show examples of work that we have underway and talk you through each styling options on lapels, button configuration, external and internal pockets, vents etc etc. 
At this point, we can then talk you through the fitting of your outfit. Once you have the information we need, we are then able to take initial measurements. 
At this point, we take a 50% deposit. 

Design Presentation
Usually within 24 hours of the initial consultation, we will take our notes and create a Design Proposal for your sign off. We formalise each design element and create a rough sketch of your commission. This is sent to your via email in the form of a PDF file.
We ask you to go through this to ensure that we have fully understand your wishes. You are still, at this point able to change certain elements – lapels, pocket ideas etc. The only things that are set in stone at the point is the fabrics and going from single breasted to double breasted at it would mean that we don’t have enough fabric arriving. 
Once agreed – we can begin! 

During the next few weeks (depending on work load but from 6-16 weeks), the fabrics and all other elements will arrive and we will work on your garment ensuring precision throughout.
We work hard to hit deadlines and have worked with thousands of clients who are time critical. We try and handover 2 weeks before weddings but will explain our lead times at the consultation. 

Fitting / Handover
This fitting can be in many forms. If you are choosing a hand made garment or are of a shape we feel complicated, we will do a fitting on a half made garment. You will be invited to try on, walk, sit etc and give your thoughts. Other (including previous clients) commissions will be more advanced or even completed at this point. Should any further work be required, this will be undertaken in a timely manner. Small alterations can often be done on the same day.

Post Handover
Once you have worn the garment and are happy, we will then fix you pattern for any future commissions. Clients often have multiple patters for formal jackets, casual jackets, tailcoats, trousers etc. By keeping these on file means that any future work can be undertaken with ease and ensure you formal wardrobe onwards will be a perfect as the first.

Adrian. A truly fantastic experience and one that I hope to repeat very soon. My wedding will be all the more special knowing that I’m wearing a suit designed and tailored specifically for me. Thanks for all your advice and expertise.
D.R. March 5, 2017