30th November 2017

Origins of Style – A Brief History of the Pinstripe Suit

The pinstripe suit came into being around the end of the nineteenth century and has been in fashion pretty much ever since. Originally made famous by stylish Brits, the suit…

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14th November 2017

Stay Stylish this Christmas and New Year

It’s that time of year again. Christmas jumpers are in abundance, after-work drinks and parties seem never-ending and the jury will be out on who will be the biggest embarrassment…

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7th November 2017

Origins Of Style – The History Of The Shooting Jacket

A shooting jacket is an item of practical rural attire specifically designed for hunting and other shooting sports, such as clay pigeon shooting. As well as oversized front pockets that…

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17th October 2017

Dressing Smartly For Winter

There’s something quite satisfying about getting your wardrobe ready for a new season and with winter upon us, it’s time to re-evaluate your garments and see what new additions will…

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3rd October 2017

Origins Of Style – The History Of Black Tie Events

The tie began its life in seventeenth century France when Louis XIII stole the idea from the croatian mercenaries he hired to fight for him in the Thirty-Year War. The…

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18th September 2017

Top 3 satorial tips for the office Christmas party

Yes, I know it’s only September but it’s time to start thinking about the dreaded C word. Yes, that’s right – Christmas. The Christmas party season will soon be upon…

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21st August 2017

Origins of Style – The History of the Waistcoat

Unlike most garments or fashion accessories, the origins of the Western waistcoat can actually be dated pretty precisely as it was the English king Charles II who in October 1666…

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14th August 2017

Origins of Style – The History of the Pocket Square

Many sartorial historians agree that the origins of the pocket square can be traced back to Ancient Greece, where Greeks of a certain class carried a perfumed cloth around with…

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14th February 2017

The art of looking stylish at sporting events

It was recently reported that the RBS Six Nations is the most well attended of all the sporting events across the world. Average attendances at the Six Nations is even…

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15th November 2016

Getting your winter wardrobe ready

Love it or hate it, the winter weather will soon be upon us and now is the perfect time to start considering what needs updating in your winter wardrobe. It’s…

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