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Garment In Detail – Bamboo Jacket

Welcome to Garment In Detail. A chance for me to explain the journey a particular client has taken to arrive with the finished article.

I was commissioned by a client based in the Cotwolds a little while ago to create a garment that could travel well, be very versatile, look luxurious, be wearable in different climates, stand out and have an element of Scotland thrown in.

The client is an International Speaker and so all of the above provided me an insight as to what the client wanted, how the garment is to be worn and where it will be worn.

Prior to our appointment, I searched through my collection of 7000 fabrics and arrived at what I believed to be the best fabric bunch – Huddersfield Find Worsted Bamboo II Collection

I showed the client 2 more bunches before showing him the Bamboo but as soon as he saw it, he agreed it would be a great choice. Bamboo is a really interesting fabric – having the feel of silk and wearability of wool, this fibre is extremely crease resistant and is cooling to wear in hot climates. 

We went through each of the patterns and colour of trousers he owns, working out how versatile each pattern could be. The client feels extremely comfortable in blue and wanted a check to stand out from his usual garments.

It was decided that the cloth seen above was the one.

Following that we needed to pair it with the best lining – again with versatility in mind, we opted for Light Navy Satin  from Dugdale Bros Classic Lining collection. 

After this was decided it was on to the detail. As mentioned, the client wanted to bring his Scottish Heritage out and I’d found the perfect Clan tartan for the job. We didn’t think it wise to use this externally where it could be seen as I mentioned that this could become the clients “Signature” for his wardrobe going forward.

We decided to use this on the internal pocket jets alongside of the Flash Cuff (underneath the cuff buttons). 

Finished off with a Scottish stag horn button, this jacket was decided on.

As for the style, the client asked me to produce a 3 roll 2, Italian looking garment, with patch pockets, notch lapel and centre vent.

As the client carries a lot in his jacket when working and travelling, I maximised the internal pocket configuration too allowing for ultimate versatility.

The results are great.

This jacket can easily be worn for the environment it’s intended as well as a nice meal, wedding or a drink in the pub.

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Here is what the client said

Adrian designed and made this jacket for me for my work as a professional speaker. It nods to my passions for conservation and the future (it’s made of sustainable bamboo cloth) and for Scotland (secret tartan and deer horn buttons). Just glorious!

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