COVID Wedding

COVID Weddings

Weddings throughout 2020 have been disrupted due to COVID 19. Clients have still found ways to adjust through the pandemic.

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Bespoke Gift Vouchers

Are you looking for a Bespoke gift for a birthday, wedding or graduation? A bespoke suit voucher allows the recipient to have what they want whilst you choose the parameters.

History Of Waistcoat

The History of the Waistcoat

Since 1666, when King Charles II decreed that waistcoats were part of the Englishman’s correct dress, they have been a staple part of the wardrobe ever since.

Bespoke Made To Measure 3 Piece Suit London

3 Piece Suit Styling

Men’s 3-piece suits are a great addition to any wardrobe. With modern designs now available they are no longer just suitable for strict formal affairs and if you work out exactly what look you like best, whether it’s a slim-fitted suit, or a bold patterned design, then you can keep things a lot more relaxed.

There are some general rules when wearing your 3-piece suit – your last button on your waistcoat should be left undone, your waistcoat should not be too long (just covering your belt line) and do not wear a belt. If your suit is tailored correctly, then a belt is not needed and therefore will not look to bulky when your waistcoat is sitting on it. A bespoke 3-piece suit that is created just for you is guaranteed to get you noticed and stand out from the crowd for all the right reasons.

A classic black, navy or grey 3 piece will see you through all types of occasions. These colours will give you the confident, sleek and simple look that will be sure to impress. All these colours are well suited for the office. It’s best to keep things neutral for work and slightly accessorise with watches and leather satchels to bring out a practical style to your outfit.

Weddings are a chance to reflect some of your individuality into your suit by opting for different colours. Navy or white ones are great at bringing out a smart, yet relaxed vibe that’s ideal for the formal and fun occasion. Accessories like pocket squares are great at adding some added interest to your look.

A grey 3-piece suit is an elegant and versatile option that will give you a stylish look for all occasions. Keep the attire clean and fresh by opting for light colour shirts.

For a smart, clean look it’s best to match the waistcoat and suit with the same material and colour. For a more striking look you can be more daring and differ the colour or pattern of the waistcoat to the suit. Both can be equally smart as long as the suit fits you perfectly.


The Bespoke Tailor have a showroom situated in the West End, so for your 3-piece suit in London, arrange an appointment today. I also travel the length and breadth of the UK to visit my clients at a time and place that suits them.  I understand how busy they are and that’s why I’m prepared to work to their diaries. Whether at their home or place of work, I will travel to a location of their choosing to provide a tailoring service to their door. This is what singles me out from my competitors, so for 3-piece suits from Land’s End to John o’ Groats, I am on hand to provide an exceptional service.

The Bespoke Tailor In London

History Of The Pinstripe Suit

A Brief History of the Pinstripe Suit

The pinstripe suit came into being around the end of the nineteenth century and has been in fashion pretty much ever since. Originally made famous by stylish Brits, the suit would become increasingly popular throughout the globe as men (and later, women too) wanted to project an image of sophistication and class through their choice of suit.


Some Examples Of Our Pin Stripe Collection....

The Bespoke Tailor has a wide and varied collection of Pin Stripe fabrics available from the vest best mills and merchants.

Varying in weights, fibres and colours, we specialise in British Pin Stripe fabric.

Where Did The Pinstripe Come From?

As with most sartorial origin stories, there is a degree of controversy over how the pinstripe suit came into existence. In fact, the only thing that everyone is able to agree on is that the pinstripe was definitely an English invention. Beyond that, two schools of thought emerge, one that suggests the iconic suit began life in the world of banking, the other that prefers the notion that it actually became popular after its use in popular sporting activities of the day.

Black Chalk Stripe SuitThe banking theory has it that the pinstripe was a kind of uniform for English Victorian bankers and that the difference in the thickness and distances between stripes was a way of identifying employees from different banking institutions. The sporting hypothesis sees the pinstripes as evolving out of the striped uniforms worn by men who liked messing about on water. Boating was an extremely popular pursuit in the 19th century, as was banking, so neither theory is unreasonable.

The Rise of the Pinstripe

The popularity of pinstripe suits grew rapidly once it had spread across the Atlantic, taking American culture by storm in ’20s, ’30s and ’40s. The suit became the unofficial uniform of the Prohibition era, beloved of the ultra-stylish and anyone who wanted to stand out from the crowd and make a bold statement. Naturally then it was popular not only with film stars and jazz musicians, but also with gangsters, the most famous of which of course was Al Capone.

After Prohibition the suit became even more mainstream when huge stars such as Clark Gable and Cary Grant continued to popularise it. It is said that the pinstripe suit that Clark Gable’ wore in Gone with the Wind influenced the emergence of the flamboyant, flared-trousers, padded-shouldered zoot suit.

The Modern Pinstripe

These days the pinstripe is everywhere. It is still a part of mainstream sartorial culture and is one of a myriad of style options available to the modern man, or woman. In fact, the pinstripe has definitely crossed the gender divide and has become a basic component of women’s clothing, particularly in business, where it remains especially popular with both genders.

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