What to wear to the Boat Race

what-to-wear-boat-race There are many outdoor events to look forward to in spring including The Boat Race on Sunday 27 March 2016 which is fast approaching. So, if you plan to join the crowds along the four-and-a-quarter mile course from Putney to Mortlake to soak up the atmosphere and partake in a riverside drink or two, you need to look good and feel good with high quality, stylish and functional attire. This sporting institution has a casual spectator dress code (straw boater optional), which is more relaxed than the formal Henley Royal Regatta, and incorporates convention as well as what’s on trend. Boating blazers are traditionally single breasted and similar to suit jackets but have a looser cut and made from a strong material so they are robust like a sports jacket. A popular style is brightly coloured stripes, your personality will govern how loud the colour choice, with contrast piping. Pure wool suits don’t keep out the cold, so it’s best to opt for a spun flannel, which is made from wool but is softly woven and brushed to create extra softness so you’re not affected by the cool river breeze The multi-coloured striped blazer with gold buttons is a staple piece to align yourself with the colours of the university you attended or support. But if you prefer to stay neutral, you can’t go wrong with the classical nautical theme such as a double-breasted dark navy blazer with metal buttons. A white cotton shirt will suit any jacket colour. Or pastel shades of pink, yellow or blue match well with navy. Wear without a tie and slightly unbuttoned to adopt the informal style. Once you have chosen your blazer, you need beige, cream or camel-coloured chinos to complete the look. The best option for shoes is a pair of comfortable and sturdy tan or light brown loafers or brogues. Taking into account the usually cold and windy weather conditions, you need prepare for warmth and practicality such as warm layers, a good scarf and possibly waterproofs. Bespoke tailoring offers more fabric choice and a wide range of colours. A tailor-made suit is more hard-wearing and durable than anything you can buy in a shop, and ensures the pattern and cut are individually customised to you for the perfect fit – whether you prefer a classic cut, a relaxed style or the on-trend slim fit.

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