The Art of Accessorising


When creating that special outfit or stylish look, many people overlook the little added extras that really make their attire come to life. We’re not saying go over board and have a jazzy tie, a huge watch, a colourful handkerchief and a pair of the ultimate cuff links all on one outfit. Simply by using little colour-coded extras, it will add subtle perfections to your outfit and bring the whole ensemble together.

A tie will always complement your suit and there are numerous design types to choose from. For summer months you can afford to be more adventurous with the colours, opting for pale or bright colours (depending on the occasion). For Autumn/Winter months, tone down the bright colours and choose a different texture which complements your suit. When deciding on a standard or skinny tie, as a general rule, your tie should be as close to the width of your suit lapel as possible.

Handkerchiefs/pocket squares can provide fine colour to your suit. In line with the tie selection, colours can be more vibrant in Summer and more textured in the Winter.

Tie pins are a great accessory that can work well for the business executive to create a professional look. For outdoor occasions they will keep control of your tie and avoid leaving it flapping in the breeze! Make sure you select a pin size that suits your tie, having a pin that overhangs your tie will completely kill the look.

Cufflinks are subtle extras that can be bold and adventurous without being too ‘in- your-face’. There are many designs out there that can reflect the occasion you are attending. Specific colours can be chosen to match other suit accessories. For black tie, it’s best to opt for clean-cut and elegant styles, in silver, gold or onyx.

A watch is a timeless classic that can be worn for any occasion and for any season. They can be worn for formal occasions but also for that casual weekend away. Any design can be worn with a suit but for a smart, formal style, opt for a thin, discreet gold dress watch.

Just remember that when purchasing your suit, it is not the finished product – little added extras will give you a stylish appearance that will enhance the overall impact you make!


Summer Weddings


Summer is one of the most popular times of year to hold a wedding so if your big day is fast approaching and you’ve got so many important decisions to make, let’s hope choosing your suit is one that is pleasurable and simple! Working with a professional tailor will help take away all the stresses and will work alongside you, your bride, your groomsmen (and even your wedding planner) to ensure a smooth service.

Choosing a suit that will complement your theme, the location, your bride’s dress and the weather may seem impossible but there are lots of options available to ensure you both have a fabulous wedding that guests will never forget!

The most familiar wedding outfit is a more formal look. This range may include a full morning suit, tails, tuxedo, stroller jacket, dinner jacket or dark suit. A morning suit is the most formal of them all and can provide a traditional design suitable for dark colours. A three piece is recommended with this style so the heavy coat can be removed during the reception and still provide a stylish and smart look.

A Tuxedo sits between a morning suit and lounge suit. Black is the most classic choice but this type of suit can also work well in midnight blue. Opting for a unique style on the lapels can make this outfit more appealing and distinctive.

For something a little less formal, a lounge suit can be a great alternative, especially if it’s a tailored suit. A slim-fit, single-breasted two-piece is a slick and contemporary choice for the groom who wants to keep things simple, but still look exceptionally sharp. Classic-fitting double-breasted or three-piece suits are also worth considering especially if you’re looking for something that makes a statement but is still a timeless classic.

Wool, Cotton, Linen and a blended fabric are all great options. Although wool usually conjures up images of a heavy suit, wool can in fact be a lightweight, year-round fabric. A good lightweight wool has features that promote airflow whilst year round wool still allows for breathability and movement. For a more opulent suit, opt for a silk/wool blend.

Whatever design and colour you choose, remember the little added extras that can bring your whole theme together – the pocket handkerchief, the tie or cravat, the shoes. All aspects of a tailored suit can be matched to your wedding theme from the lining of your jacket to the colour of your waistcoat – all these little features can bring the outfit to life.

And don’t forget – Fine Tailoring is all about creating a suit that makes you feel confident and distinctive. It’s about choosing the correct fit, cut and style that produce the perfect attire not to mention unveiling your character. To cope with what may be a rather warm day there are many fabric options that will ensure that you keep cool, calm and collected during your big day and any good tailor will be able to talk you through the choices available.

You can’t beat a summer wedding and you can’t beat a finely tailored suit to mark the occasion.