The Art of Accessorising


When creating that special outfit or stylish look, many people overlook the little added extras that really make their attire come to life. We’re not saying go over board and have a jazzy tie, a huge watch, a colourful handkerchief and a pair of the ultimate cuff links all on one outfit. Simply by using little colour-coded extras, it will add subtle perfections to your outfit and bring the whole ensemble together.

A tie will always complement your suit and there are numerous design types to choose from. For summer months you can afford to be more adventurous with the colours, opting for pale or bright colours (depending on the occasion). For Autumn/Winter months, tone down the bright colours and choose a different texture which complements your suit. When deciding on a standard or skinny tie, as a general rule, your tie should be as close to the width of your suit lapel as possible.

Handkerchiefs/pocket squares can provide fine colour to your suit. In line with the tie selection, colours can be more vibrant in Summer and more textured in the Winter.

Tie pins are a great accessory that can work well for the business executive to create a professional look. For outdoor occasions they will keep control of your tie and avoid leaving it flapping in the breeze! Make sure you select a pin size that suits your tie, having a pin that overhangs your tie will completely kill the look.

Cufflinks are subtle extras that can be bold and adventurous without being too ‘in- your-face’. There are many designs out there that can reflect the occasion you are attending. Specific colours can be chosen to match other suit accessories. For black tie, it’s best to opt for clean-cut and elegant styles, in silver, gold or onyx.

A watch is a timeless classic that can be worn for any occasion and for any season. They can be worn for formal occasions but also for that casual weekend away. Any design can be worn with a suit but for a smart, formal style, opt for a thin, discreet gold dress watch.

Just remember that when purchasing your suit, it is not the finished product – little added extras will give you a stylish appearance that will enhance the overall impact you make!

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