Dress to impress for the May Bank Holidays


With a welcoming two bank holidays during May, have you decided on what delightful venture you will embark on?

Whatever your plans, make sure you are dressed for the occasion!

The country fair is a fine British tradition and if this event takes your fancy then tweed and pure new wool, waterproof jackets and corduroy trousers are all part of the country atmosphere. We would like to hope that the weather will be kind to us and bring a bit of sunshine – if this is the case, then a smart wool-linen blend maybe more beneficial.  Lighter suit colours (browns & tans) and a checked shirt, with a smart lightweight jacket complete the look.

If it’s a city break that you have planned, then something lightweight and easy to pack will be the best answer. Smart tapered cotton trousers with a casual shirt and blazer can be worn day or night. If you’re feeling confident, a fine knit scarf can compliment a plain casual suit and keep the chill at bay. Going for a nautical feel (blues, whites, light greys) can help you evolve from your dark winter clothing to the spring/summer season effortlessly. Being able to mix and match is key for lighter travel. A classic crew neck jumper with your cotton trousers for the day can easily be upgraded to an Oxford shirt and jacket for an evening out. Smart loafers with pale socks really work well with the tapered trousers.

If your occasion entails going for a meal and a theatre show, then a formal navy coloured suit is recommended. You can gain a more casual, relaxing look by not opting for a tie, but if you would prefer, then a thin tie is suggested. Brown shoes really complete this style.

For casual drinks with friends, slim fitted trousers or chinos, with an informal shirt is a great choice.  A blazer or sports jacket can really give you a fashionable and stylish edge – a textured wool in light blue is a versatile option. Loafers are a great addition in aiming for the smart casual attire. Accessories will really compliment this look, a belt that colour matches your shoes and a smart watch all bring this outfit together.

No matter what your plans are for the upcoming bank holidays, having the right wardrobe and feeling confident in your outfits will definitely help you make a great impression on those around you.

Red Rose

Dressing the part for St George’s Day


Let’s celebrate and be proud of our English heritage by honouring St George’s Day on 23rd April. St George’s Day was once celebrated as widely as Christmas, with it being a National holiday but the celebrations began to subside by the end of the 18th century after England united with Scotland. A well known symbol which relates to St George’s Day is the English Cross. It is understood that English soldiers wore a sign of St George on their chest and on their backs during the 14th century, as the Saint was regarded as a special protector of the English.

A traditional custom that is not now adopted widely is to wear a red rose on your lapel! This is a strong but conservative way to support St George’s Day.

At The Bespoke Tailor we can help you achieve a confident and proud look by providing you with a traditional British suit, tailored to your needs using only British fabrics. And to display your subtle red rose we can offer luxury suits with different styles of lapels which range from peak, wide peak, standard notch, narrow notch, wide notch and shawl.

Our luxury British traditional suits have a design that can offer a fitted feel with a professional cut closer to the body. They have narrower and more defined shoulders with high arm holes that can provide close fitting sleeves.  To complement these assets, slim neat shoulder pads are added.

For your jacket, we recommend the two side vent jacket that can be either single or double breasted. Single-breasted jackets have a single row of buttons down the front, and the jacket flaps only overlap enough to allow buttoning. A double-breasted jacket has two rows of buttons, and the front overlaps sufficiently to allow both flaps to be attached to the opposite row of buttons. The style is then completed with tapered waist trousers to give you a traditional look.

Navy and Grey are the perfect colour suits for this occasion – depending on your preferred choice, we can complete the look with a wide choice of coloured shirts and accessories, giving you an impeccable look where you will ooze confidence. After all, we are celebrating being proud of England!

When it comes to using fabrics for our suits, I only use British cloth as it is without doubt the best in the world and I’m only prepared to work with the best.  British cloth is renowned throughout the globe for its sheer quality and what better way of supporting our own Cloth Specialists?

So, why not celebrate St George’s Day with a traditional British suit?

The Bespoke Tailor can help with all your needs and make you feel proud of our English heritage.