Looking cool at summer events


Summer weddings, festivals, garden parties – with so many occasions on the horizon, opting for outfits that are stylish and cool will help you feel comfortable and at ease. Creating that summer-fresh look this season can be easily achieved if the right fabrics are chosen. Selecting fabrics that allow air to circulate will help you stay away from the awkward beads of sweat you are trying so hard to avoid!

For a Summer wedding abroad, choosing a white linen shirt and cotton tailored trousers will really help with the summer heat (and it’s probably the only time you will get away with wearing linen to a wedding!). If a suit is required, a lightweight wool or Fresco wool can offer a lighter, more breathable fabric. Wool suits have a reputation for being worn in winter months but with different weights and weaves available, wool is also suitable for warmer weather. Finer threads, looser weaves, and more porous materials all help add to a textile’s breathability. With regards to footwear, a dress shoe is recommended for weddings but you can sometimes get away with a smart pair of moccasins – as they are classed as a casual shoe, don’t wear them with a neck tie.

For a more informal garden party or festival, a finely tailored pair of chino trousers and a polo shirt can give you a perfectly fitting outfit that brings a casual tone. A perfectly tailored pair of trousers can lift your outfit to a new level and portray a clean-cut image. Boat shoes or moccasins are perfect shoes for summer weather. They complement many summer outfits and can be worn day or night, offering versatility.

When choosing your summer fabrics, the lighter the threads and the looser the weave, the more comfortable the fabric will be. Densely-woven cotton like oxford and broadcloth quickly become stifling in the summer, holding both sweat and body- warmed air close to the skin, so always try to avoid these types during the summer months.

And never forget that the British weather is prone to changing at a moment’s notice! A lightweight blazer in a neutral colour will go with any outfit and still give you that smart casual look. An unlined blazer will work well or choosing a lining that will allow breathability will be fine. Gentlemen – the rise in temperature is no excuse to let down your sartorial standards so looking cool in every respect should be your chief aim!