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Garment In Detail – Red Suit

Welcome to Garment In Detail – Red Suit. A chance for me to explain the journey a particular client has taken to arrive with the finished article.

This latest commission was from a regular client who recognised that Autumn was firmly upon us.

With the changing colour of the trees, he wanted to opt for a red suit. Over the past 15 years, the client has built up his wardrobe and has the foundations in place to opt for the bolder colours and fabrics.

With so many red suits to choose from, it is important that the tone sits well on the clients skin tone.

Having gone through various options, the client chose a red wool and linen mix from Dormeuil Calypso Collection.  Fabric 416463 has a lovely depth of colour which comes to life in the autumn sunshine.

Having chosen the cloth, we looked through the clients wardrobe and worked out how this red suit was to be worn.

This fabric can be used in various ways from formal to separate jacket with denim.

The client is a big fan of double breasted jackets and wanted to maintain a modern approach. 

We decided the best way to go was to do a slick, modern “jetted only” pocket on a steep angle, a curved Peak Lapel and finished off with a Mother Of Pearl button.

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