Why should you dress up?

When Lewis Hamilton was recently refused entry into the Royal Box at Wimbledon for not being dressed smartly enough I have to admit to a certain smug smirk. As a tailor I sometimes get downhearted by the unmitigating slide towards casualness where nobody bothers to dress up anywhere. Visits to the theatre, fine dining restaurants, important social occasions etc should be an occasion to dress up and if you can’t dress up for the Royal Box at Wimbledon when will you dress up?!

Anyway, excuse the rant but it is a bit of a hobby horse of mine. Dressing up isn’t about one-upmanship or displaying wealth, it’s simply a case of having a sense of style and expressing yourself. Here are my five top reasons why every man should make the effort to dress up, especially if the occasion calls for it:

Self Confidence and Maturity – being smart shows that you are comfortable in your own skin and that you have the confidence to project your style. It will display to others that you are mature, motivated and have respect for the occasion.

Self Respect – you will feel good about yourself. The time, effort and pride you take in the way you look will boost your self image and it can’t fail to be noticed by others.

Positive Reaction – clothes maketh the man and when you look good, people respond more positively to you. You stand out more and people will value the fact that you take care in your appearance.

Improves mindset – when you look the part you feel the part. Whether you’re dressing for an important social occasion or business meeting, dressing smartly will keep you focused, create the right impression, and also keep you on your game.

Remembered – the sharper you look the more you will be remembered. This may not be important to you but in some cases, especially interview situations, being remembered for all the right reasons is crucial.

So, as autumn approaches, take a look at your social and business diary and highlight those occasions that deserve some sartorial effort. And if your wardrobe isn’t up to the task, it’s time to invest!

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