Top 3 tips for the Christmas party season

So, the Christmas party season is with us again and over the next couple of weeks men up and down the country will be going to office parties and social events wondering what to wear. As longs as the event is not black tie, then you can’t go wrong with these tips:

1. Go Classic – Nothing wrong with going classic. Dark suit, crisp white shirt and silk tie will never let you down but you could try and mix it up a bit by layering different patterns and textures, A nice wool suit, with sharp cotton shirt and an elegantly woven lightly patterned silk tie will help you look sartorially appropriate for the occasion. Don’t just stick on your work suit. Invest in something a bit sharper and slightly less traditional.

2. Go Denim – Now I don’t mean from head to toe. A smart pair of dark blue jeans, a tucked in collared shirt and contrasting blazer is a simple, elegant and sophisticated look. You can even go with lighter jeans or distressed jeans if you’re feeling particularly adventurous but this will work better if you wear them with a dark sports jacket or blazer to provide contrast.

3. Go Turtleneck – If you fancy looking a bit different, then go turtleneck. Turtlenecks are very much in this winter but it does help if you are more on the slim side. If you are a bit more portly then they have a tendency to ride and cling so it’s not the best look. Dark turtlenecks work best and they can make a nice change from wearing a shirt, Combined with a smart woollen suit and worn casually (never tucked in), you will cut a sharp figure at any party.

Now, if the event does say black tie, then that’s exactly what it means. Don’t turn up in a blue or light grey suit. A classic tuxedo is ideal but if you don’t have one and you haven’t got time to get one, then a black suit, crisp white shirt, dark tie and pocket square is the order of the day.

Season’s greetings, and whatever you’re wearing, make the right impact!

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