Here to help

We understand fully how stressful organizing a wedding can be. We’ve dealt with enough wedding parties to know what is involved and how it can be a minefield to those new to it.

The Bespoke Tailor is here to help.

We’ll guide you through each step of the commission as if you were sat with a long standing friend; we’ll make it easy for you and let you make you decisions but explain the options in full so that you are best placed to make informed decisions about your tweed wedding suit.

Our aim is to create the sharpest, best fitting tweed wedding suits and we do this by being experts in our field.

With many years experience in the tailoring industry, we have the knowledge, the capability, the passion and the drive to come up with the perfect tweed wedding suit for you and your party.

We can work closely with your wedding planner too.

We urge you to take a look at our testimonials page where you will find write ups from various clients throughout the U.K who have entrusted us to commission their wedding suits.

We travel throughout the U.K.

Even though we have a studio in London, we are based in Staffordshire. This allows us to visit our clients through the U.K at their homes or places of work. This allows our clients to enjoy time with their family over the weekend rather than spending the time traipsing around the shops dealing with part time shop assistants.

Do you have ideas? Please send them over!

We love to hear new ideas that clients have come up with – it’s called evolution! We would encourage you to send over any ideas that you may have for your wedding suit so that we can start compiling a file to create the perfect suit for your wedding.

We find the clients often find the ideal garment in-line but impossible to find in reality. This is where we can help: With 7000 fabrics at any one time, we are confident that we can find you the ideal fabric and use this as a basis to build from.

One the cloth is chosen, we’d then guide you through the design, taking time to explain each and every step until we have the perfect set of elements for your commission.

With are confident that if you choose The Bespoke Tailor for your bespoke wedding suits, you will love the entire experience.

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