Made to Measure Suits

Clothing is my real passion in life, something which comes from my heritage and my blood. I have spent years developing my skills, knowledge and contacts in tailoring, and, through studying engineering earlier in my career, I have been able to take the precision and attention to detail that I have acquired through my learning and carried this forward into my work as a tailor.

Although we have a showroom in London, I travel throughout the UK and Europe with some of the finest British sourced patterns and fabric samples, getting opinions and understanding what works and why. I have worked with bridegrooms, CEOs of major corporate companies and Premier League footballers, and they all have different and new ideas and views for me to process and build on. Perhaps you need a new suit for a meeting or a wedding? Whatever it is I always come to you. Travelling is how I meet new people and add to what I already know.

Customising the design

Creating a made-to-measure suit begins with taking the customer’s personal measurements, while also understanding the person. Together, we begin a detailed and fully co-operative process in which the customer, in their own home or place of work, decides on what kind of base pattern and fabric best suits their measurements and needs. I then customise the design to suit and fit them perfectly, which is how made-to-measure tailoring goes far beyond ready-to-wear garments and off the rack.

When you have a made to measure suit made, you will be able to customise your garment much more than when you buy off the peg. You will be able to pick your vent style, pleats, cuffs, style of button, the number of buttons, how many pockets you want and the style of the pockets. I will go through a comprehensive checklist with you so that you can detail your made-to-measure suit to your preference.

Like an engineer, a good tailor will build on old ideas and the tried and tested and blend them and mix them with the new. Each client can then add their individual style and be involved in the process of producing something special for themselves.

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Not all made-to measure suits are made the same….

Not all made-to measure suits are made the same and, depending on who you work with, the options available, choices of fabric, and overall attention to detail will differ considerably. I pride myself on the fact that I have many repeat orders for made-to-measure suits from regular clients and this only happens because of the choice and expertise that I offer

Most discerning men want a quality suit that fits them correctly and with a made-to measure suit this is exactly what you get. Made- to-measure suits are tailored to your body, but the overall process is simpler than having a bespoke suit designed from scratch.

Not everybody has the budget available for a bespoke suit and for those looking for the next best thing then a made-to-measure suit will definitely fit the bill…..and more importantly, fit you!