Tailored Dinner Suit

Tailored Dinner Suits from the Bespoke Tailor

When the occasion requires that you pull out all the stops and look your absolute best, only a tailored dinner suit will fit the bill. Whether it’s for a formal dinner, a high-end wedding or engagement or any other black-tie event or party where you really want to wow, investing in a custom outfit means you can tick all the formal boxes but still inject a little bit of your own personality into the mix. There’s also a surprising amount of variety and quite a range of different cuts and styles for you to choose from. Here we take a brief look at some of the options available to you when you really want to dress to impress.


The Double-Breasted Dinner Suit

Recalling the glamorous glory days of 1940s Hollywood, a double-breasted dinner suit jacket is a super-swanky, sumptuous outfit with four or sometimes six buttons (silk-covered, naturally), rather than the usual one or two. Enjoying a comeback in at top-flight red-carpet events, this is the ultimate in semi-formal style.

The Three-Piece Dinner Suit

Another style currently enjoying a renaissance at swanky events the world over is the three-piece dinner suit. The addition of a matching waistcoat ups the style ante considerably and is sure to make you stand out from the crowd.

The Peak Lapel

A slim-fit dinner jacker with a peak lapel is the most traditional dinner suit option, and you never have to worry about being out of style. Commonly cut from mohair or black wool, with smooth silk lapels to match the line of silk tape that runs down the leg of your trousers.

The Patterned or Coloured Dinner Suit

If on the other hand you’re looking for something with a little more pizzazz, why not plump for something with a pattern or a touch of colour? For the totally shameless, you could go head-to-foot pattern or for those a little less bold, you could just go with just a patterned jacket or rather than black, a seductive midnight blue. Either way, for the full effect, be sure to keep your accessories in black and white.

Why have your dinner suit tailored?

The main reason it’s worth investing in a tailored suit is that you know that if you do, you will feel every bit as special as you look. As anyone who’s ever had a suit made for them will tell you, nothing can make you feel more confident than a suit that’s literally been made to fit you and nobody else. If you have your suit made by Birmingham’s finest Bespoke Tailor, not only can you choose your own style and cut from over 7,000 fabrics, you can also take advantage of Adrian’s many decades of experience that’s all brought to bear in your own personal consultation.

As well as feeling amazing and wearing something that is totally unique, your dinner suit will last so much longer than any off-the-peg suit ever could. So, whatever the occasion, if you need a dinner suit, give the Bespoke Tailor a call today and arrange for your one-on-one consultation. If you really care about quality and style, a tailored dinner suit is the only option.