How much does a Bespoke Suit cost?

Just hearing the word “bespoke” is enough for a lot of people to switch off, imagining they’d never be able to afford something that was actually made especially for them. Even if they know that buying a cheap, off-the-peg suit is in many cases a false economy — as the life of a cheaper garment is actually far shorter than something handmade from the best available materials — they still baulk at the idea. However, some bespoke suits are actually surprisingly economical and at The Bespoke Tailor, we pride ourselves on providing world-beating custom tailored suits at prices that won’t break the bank.

Obviously, the price of a made to measure suit can vary significantly and depends generally upon the fabric used and the levels of craftsmanship involved. Clearly, as in any industry and indeed any line of business, there’s a lot of truth in the old adage, “You get what you pay for”, but having said that, there is also such a thing as unbeatable quality at a price that you can afford.

A master suit maker with a reputation for great service

There’s more to a quality suit than the cost of the fabric and labour costs. There’s also the question of the competence of the tailor. You could pay thousands of pounds for a rare piece of fabric but if the person doing the measuring, cutting, stitching, sewing, fitting and adjusting is not up to scratch, you could still end up looking like a scarecrow. Therefore, it’s always worth paying a little extra for the services of a master tailor.

Visiting you at a time and place of your convenience or meeting you on Savile Row, The Bespoke Tailor is now established across the UK as one of the country’s best and most sought after suit-makers. Whether you’re interested in something for the office or a suit for a special occasion such as a wedding or fancy sporting event, The Bespoke Tailor can fit you out for your entire wardrobe, for every season.

Bespoke Suit

A Personal Service

One of the main reasons The Bespoke Tailor is able to keep their prices so competitive is that money is not wasted on running a high street operation and its associated overhead costs. The same goes for pointless in-store publicity gimmicks. Instead, The Bespoke Tailor chooses to let satisfied customers and the power of word of mouth do the marketing for him, and so far, that’s worked out rather well. It also allows him to pass on the savings he makes to the people who matter most: his customers.

It also frees him up to focus on what he does best, which is to provide a personal service that is guaranteed to result in customer satisfaction. This is why The Bespoke Tailor is able to come and meet you for a one-on-one consultation anywhere in the UK. Here is a quick guide to the prices you can expect to pay:

  • Trousers from £195
  • Jackets from £595
  • Two-Piece Suits from £995
  • Overcoats and Covert Coats from £995

A garment made by The Bespoke Tailor will last so much longer than anything you buy off the peg and you’re guaranteed to look a million dollars.

If you’re still not sure about going bespoke, give The Bespoke Tailor a call today for a free consultation on 07968 438 717 and you will be convinced it’s the right decision.