As a bespoke tailor I create and design suits and garments for all occasions. Many of my clients trust me to create entire wardrobes for them and I get a kick out of having this level of freedom to create. Please see below for the occasions that I specialise in.

Suits that mean business

What you wear in the workplace has more impact than you might think. A stylish, well tailored business suit will reflect your professionalism and create the impression that you want to make with the audience that you want to make it with. Whether you frequently attend board meetings, see clients on a regular basis, attend various exhibitions and conferences or do a lot of international travel, you need suits and garments that will get you noticed.

A tailored bespoke suit is an essential part of your business wardrobe and it will help reflect your style, persona and individuality. I will work with you to make sure that your business attire makes the right impact.

Suits good enough to get married in

For one of the most memorable days of your life, you and your groomsmen need tailored suits that are fit for the occasion. I will create and design suits that will be crafted with your individual personality and sense of style in mind. I will also work closely with your groomsmen so that they have suits that complement the theme and create a sense of balance

For men’s wedding suits you will be able to choose from thousands of the very best British fabrics and I will ensure that all the tiny details of your suit design are catered for.

Chilling out and kicking back

Whatever the season, we all need a range of jackets, blazers, coats, shirts and trousers to see us through. By going down the bespoke route I can create and design a range of casual garments that will be perfect for holidays, fine dining, weekend breaks and all those things that you love doing when you’re not working.

Luxury tailoring is not confined to business and wedding suits. The same degree of style, finesse and attention to detail needs to be applied to your casual wardrobe so that you’re never short of something unique, individual and stylish to wear when you just want to chill out and kick back for a while.

Special Occasions & Sports Events

Whether it’s attending Wimbledon, Royal Ascot or going to the Henley Regatta, we all need those special garments that are perfect for such an occasion. Special Occasions are one of those times when it’s great fun to see and be seen and there’s no better way than doing this than having garments tailored which reflect your individual style and personality.

Just let me know what special event you are going to and I will ensure that you are appropriately attired for the occasion – it’s what I do best.

Going Formal

You can’t beat a good formal occasion where you can don your dinner suit or tailored tuxedo and just enjoy dressing up for a while. This is why you should invest in a tailored formal suit because buying off the peg just doesn’t do you justice. They never fit properly and they don’t create the impression that you want to make.

Tailored formal wear will make you feel more comfortable, more chic and more confident. When you look good, you feel good and on formal occasions, that’s exactly what you want to be.

Whether you need a tuxedo, a dinner suit, a stylish three piece suit or a morning suit, I will create and design a look that will be perfect for the occasion.

Country Wear

If you’re looking for traditional British country clothing including tweed jackets, shooting garments, outdoor jackets and country suits then I can create an entire country wardrobe for you. I love working with Herringbones, Worsted and Pure Wool fabrics so if you want to look every inch the country gentleman, I’m your man