Getting your winter wardrobe ready


Love it or hate it, the winter weather will soon be upon us and now is the perfect time to start considering what needs updating in your winter wardrobe. It’s so easy to dig out last year’s woolly jumper and overcoat but why not treat yourself and give your wardrobe a stylish new revamp? The trick to keeping warm and fashionable this winter is to layer. Adding stylish layers to your attire can help you go from the coldness of outdoors to the inside warmth of a social gathering with ease.

A winter coat is the most obvious and essential piece of clothing for the season. A decent quality material along with versatility will help you achieve a long-lasting overcoat that will see you through this winter and hopefully many more. In addition to your main coat, a rain jacket or lightweight coat can be added to your wardrobe for those ‘not so chilly’ days,

Trying to choose your main coat can be daunting, so remember to pick one that complements your business wear and your casual wear. You don’t want to turn up to work in a smart suit with a bright yellow puffa jacket and lose that professional business image you’ve been busy cultivating! Longer, more streamlined coats give off a more elegant look, and choosing them in neutral, subdued colours keeps them easy to blend in and complement a range of formal and smart casual outfits.

A luxury cashmere jumper is also a great addition to your wardrobe. For business wear opt for neutral colours, navy, grey, black – this will keep the respected professional look and will blend well with different suit colours without having to spend too much time in the morning colour co-ordinating.

For casual wear, bolder colours can be introduced – burgundy and tan are great colours that work well with many trouser colours without going overboard.

Winter footwear also needs to be considered. A trusty pair of warm and sturdy shoes or boots will ensure you get through the winter months. Leather boots are the most obvious choice as they keep in the warmth and are very durable. Concentrate on the sole of the shoes or boots that you opt for – a good rubber sole will ensure you don’t have an eventful walk on the icy pavements.

And it’s not just the main garments that need to be considered – don’t forget your trusty scarf and leather gloves, a reliable umbrella or a modern hat to keep the chilly breeze and rain under control. These basic essentials can really add a smart and trendy look to a wide variety of outfits.

Take a look at your current winter wardrobe and see if it passes muster. If it doesn’t, it might be time to treat yourself to some gentleman’s winter tailoring.

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