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Achieving the perfect fit

What this entails is the Bespoke Tailor coming to you for a face to face sit-down and chat where he’ll get to know you a little and find out exactly what it is you need. He’ll also talk you through the 5,000-plus different fabrics available for your handmade suit or whatever it is you want him to make, as well as the variety of different cuts and styles, before taking over 30 separate measurements that he will use to make sure your finished outfit fits you more perfectly than any other article of clothing you’ve ever worn.

That’s the truly amazing thing about having a suit or one of its component parts made to measure — the garment will not only fit you like a glove but like a made to measure glove, one that will feel almost as if it were a second skin, giving you a sense of confidence that can only come from wearing something that was made to your unique measurements, uniquely for you. Nothing you buy off the peg can compare with the feeling you get from bespoke clothes.

Looking Your Best in Tunbridge Wells

Whether you’re after a suit for a special occasion — maybe you’re planning to delight in one of the town’s surrounding areas of outstanding natural beauty such as Scotney Castle Garden, Dunorlan Park, Calverley Grounds or Groombridge Place Gardens — or some country clothing for a round of golf; whether you’re dressing up for a wedding, a formal dinner or a special job interview, Adrian Barrows can help you achieve the look that’s going to enable you to best enjoy your day or feel as confident as you possibly can.

In a nutshell, if you’re looking for something special and you want to look great and feel on top of the world, you need to contact the Bespoke Tailor and let him help you achieve the look you’re after. Call him today on 07968 438 717 and together you can arrange the most convenient time for your first consultation.