What is a modern wedding suit?

What is a modern wedding suit? Is it a fashion item? Is it timeless? We at The Bespoke Tailor have been honoured over the years to be commissioned by clients for the most important garment that the client will ever require and so we know a thing or two when it comes to grooms attire.

When you sit looking at old family photos from the by-gone era, it dawns on you that actually it’s a “modern wedding suit” that it is you’re trying to achieve, it’s actually a simple, sharp, tailored garment isn’t it?

The reasoning behind this is that nobody wants their siblings coming up to them in years to come and start taking the mick due to the fashions of the day. The images that will be taken on the wedding will be adorning the walls, going viral around social media and will be around for thousands of years to come.

This year’s fashion is tomorrow’s fashion faux pas.

By going for that sharp cut, that timeless British tailoring silhouette, the images will be timeless; as modern in a hundred years as they are today.

The Bespoke Tailor will guide you through the commission leaving no stone unturned. Our passion for modern British tailoring is unrivalled and we live by the strong traditions of the industry.

Each commission gets the time and attention that it deserves.

Meeting up with our clients for the first time, we get to know our client thoroughly. We get to understand their wedding and the look that they are looking to achieve. By asking a series of questions, we will be able to filter down from our in depth selection of fabrics and come up with the ideal choices based on weight, pattern, colour and budget.

From here, we will guide you through the design process, making sure that you fully understand the possibilities available. We can offer you morning coats, Edwardian coats, eveningwear together with your traditional lounge wear.

Did you want to wear your wedding suit again? This is an important question to ask. The reason being that we need to select a fabric, pattern and colour that is going to suitable for post wedding wear. Should you have a style idea that you wanted to explore, just ask; there are millions of elements that we can help you with and by working together as a team, we will create the perfect modern wedding suit for you.

Where are you based?

We have a showroom in Mayfair near Savile Row and are based in Staffordshire. This means that we can be anywhere in 2 hours. We can either come to you at your home or place of work. We feel that being able to offer that personal service in the comfort of your own home, the client is more relaxed and we are able to give the time and attention that they deserve.

Are you looking for the modern suit ?

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