Why should you care where your suit is made?

For The Bespoke Tailor, the provenance of the materials that go into his suits is important for a number of reasons.

First of all, it’s never been so important for all of us to buy British, certainly not since the 70s when Britain first became part of Europe. Whatever you feel about Brexit, whether you were for or against, you can’t deny that British industry has never needed our support as much as it does now or as much as it will when we get around to actually leaving the EU.

Aside from that, the very high standard of British craftsmanship and skill means that UK brands across all industries are valued throughout the world and have become associated everywhere with quality and value. If it’s made in Britain, then you can be pretty sure it’s stylish, dependable, fit-for-purpose and often just a bit quirky, with some creative flourish that makes it stand out from the rest of the world.

That’s certainly true of the craft and workmanship that goes into the best of British suits. Beautiful, unbeatable materials — tweed, wool, linen, flannel, cotton, cashmere and so on — are consistently created on our shores by dedicated craftspeople who carry out their trade with no fanfare and little recognition. The Bespoke Tailor is, therefore, proud to support the best of these cloth-makers, and able to offer his customers a range of more than 7,000 fabrics.

What types of British tailored suit are on offer?

As all the suits The Bespoke Tailor makes are British tailored suits, the range of different styles is extensive.  

There are suits for every occasion, including wedding suits, business suits, casual suits and blazers. There are tweed suits, plaid suits, woollen suits and waistcoats. There are formal suits, suits for sporting occasions and traditional British outdoor suits, including tweed jackets, shooting gear and country wear. Whether you fancy yourself as a country squire or want something to make you stand out in a London club, The Bespoke Tailor can create exactly the right suit for you and you’ll be supporting British traders into the bargain.

If you need a new outfit and are looking for the best that Britain has to offer, pick up the phone right now and let The Bespoke Tailor know what you need. Call 07968 438 717 today to arrange a consultation.