Bespoke Suits & Tailor Services

Bespoke tailoring is a very individual thing. It’s unique to you and your specification which means that you can choose the fabric that you want, how you want it to be made, how you want it to fit and what features you want it to have. Bespoke tailoring is customised to your precise requirements and it’s my job as a bespoke tailor to draw out meticulously what you need.

It is the luxury car and the truly customised creation of the tailoring process. I create the bespoke suit by hand, using the purest form of tailoring. There are no machines and no standardization and as far as clothing is concerned, this is as far from factory produced as you can get.

The suit is completely built around the client to fit them exactly and is not remodeled from previous designs. The creation of a completely bespoke suit is an immersive and detailed process and can only be undertaken by a tailor who truly understands their client and their craft.

Garments that reflect your style and personality

Whether at your home or in your workplace I will come and see you to discuss your bespoke tailoring needs and costs. I spend a lot of time working with clients in London but will travel all over the UK visiting my customers to provide a personalised tailoring service to fit around them and their busy schedule.

When I visit you I will spend time getting to know more about you and your lifestyle. I will ask you questions about what kind of garments you need, whether you need them for business, leisure or both and the types of events you go to.

I will find out more about your individual sense of style and how you like to portray this in the clothes that you wear. Through working closely with you I will be able to design suits, jackets, shirts, ties and the garments you need that truly reflects your distinctive style and reflects your personality.

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Precision and attention to detail

Bespoke tailoring is all about precision. It’s about creating an individual design, identifying what the garment is needed for and selecting a colour, cut, style and fabric that meet this requirement. A garment that is designed specifically for you should perfectly fit with your body shape and reveal something about your style and character. A bespoke garment should make you feel confident, distinctive and above all, special.  As a bespoke tailor I am dedicated to achieving this for all my clients and over the years I am proud of the loyal base of customers that keep coming back to me for new additions to their wardrobe.

I am renowned for being a tailor that has passion for what he does and an eye for detail that makes all the difference when it comes to those all-important finishing touches. With a choice of over 5,000 fabrics and a range of styling options to choose from, I will work with you on every detail of your garment, from ticket pockets and belt loops to the width of the pocket flaps, everything will be designed to your exact requirements so that it is unique to you.

The creation process

After our initial consultation, I will then supply you with a design proposal. This will state each and every aspect of your garment right down to a line drawing and a sample of the cloth. This allows you to check over and ensure that I have understood the commission and to carry on to the fitting stage. Once I have received your approval, the creation of your bespoke tailored garment can begin in earnest and you can allow yourself to get more than a little excited!