To continue your stylish attire into the coming Autumn and Winter months, a tailored overcoat is an essential piece of clothing that will complement your wardrobe and provide that final statement for all your occasions.


For your perfectly tailored overcoat, many factors need to be considered; the fabric, the style, the fit, the colour and the little finer details to make your overcoat complete. Overcoats are often made from a heavy fabric such as wool and are a long-sleeved coat that can be either single or double-breasted and usually have a single vent at the back. Nowadays, the overcoat can be worn for more formal occasions or to achieve a more relaxed look as there are many styles available, giving these traditional overcoats a more modern twist.


The best fabric to opt for would be cashmere – but with this being highly expensive another alternative is 100% wool. A wool overcoat can last for many years and is hugely dependable. For your style and fit, a single breasted overcoat can give you a more relaxed casual look, while the double-breasted style can offer a more formal look. Modern variations can also include elbow patches and velvet collars amongst others. To avoid your coat looking ‘bulky’ you can consider not having shoulder pads in the overcoat. This will work well if you are wearing it over a suit jacket.

Navy or Charcoal Grey are perfect colours to start with.  If you are venturing out into brighter, bolder colours, always remember to co-ordinate with your garments underneath to maintain that sophisticated look.


A huge benefit of having a bespoke overcoat is that you are able to choose the finer details.

From belts or half-belt features, pockets, top buttons and interior lining to the all-important collar to keep your neck warm. All of these features can be discussed and designed to give you the perfect overcoat.


Men’s tailors up and down the country offer a fantastic service, but how many are willing to travel to come to you? The Bespoke Tailor was founded in 2011 with the goal of providing a ‘Savile Row’ experience brought to your door. I wanted to offer a truly bespoke service to my clients that could fit in with their busy diaries and schedules. By concentrating solely on the importance of my clients, I can visit them at home or work and spend time getting to know them and creating garments that fit in with their lifestyle, personality and distinctive style. If you’re looking for a tailored overcoat to be designed specific to your needs. Please contact me today to discuss your requirements.