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Tailored Suits in Winchester

With more than 21 years’ experience as an award-winning and acclaimed garment-maker, the Bespoke Tailor will even travel to your home or workplace in Winchester to conduct an initial consultation. At this consultation, Adrian will talk to you about what it is you’re looking to wear, the effect you’re hoping to achieve and the best way to match your outfit with your own unique

personality. Also, of course, he will take in excess of 30 measurements so that the suit he makes for you fits your body more closely and feels better than any other suit you’ve ever worn. You will also be shown more than 7,000 different UK-sourced fabrics, so you can be absolutely sure to get the suit that you want.

The one-on-one consultation offered by The Bespoke Tailor is all included in his personal and intimate service, and it’s the ideal way to stamp your personality on your wholly unique outfit. As well as a breathtaking choice of fabrics, you’ll also be able to choose every other feature of each garment you commission. This includes cuffs, buttons, lapels, hems and so on. With Adrian’s expertise and sound advice, you get to personally choose each and every feature of your suit, every colour, cut, texture and style, meaning that the finished product will be wholly unique and perfectly suited to you and your unique preferences.

Smart clothing is something for which the famous cathedral city is renowned, primarily because of the world-famous Winchester Shirt,

although the shirt is actually nothing to do with the city, but rather named after its creator, one Oliver Winchester. If you are unfamiliar with the Winchester shirt, it is a particularly sharp coloured or patterned shirt with contrasting white collar and cuffs.

As for the city itself, it is awash with reasons to have a suit especially made for you. It has an incredibly wide range of attractions, including of course Winchester Cathedral, the longest Gothic cathedral in the whole of Europe, and Winchester Castle, founded just twelve years earlier in 1067. As well as a host of other historic sites, the city also plays host to a huge range of museums, events and festivals taking place all year long.

But whatever your reason for wanting to look your best, the Bespoke Tailor can make sure you achieve your desire. Give him a call on 07968 438 717 and arrange a time and date for your initial personal consultation.