Client Enjoying Their Garments.

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Attention To Detail

One of the things that makes The Bespoke Tailor stand out from his fellow suit-makers is his willingness to go the extra mile for his clients — and we mean that quite literally. If you’ve ever had a suit or any other outfit made for you before, the chances are you had to go into their showroom for your initial consultation and measuring. What makes Adrian particularly special is that he’s more than willing to come to you at your home, or if you prefer, at your place of work, and that this personal attention is all part of his overall service.

During your initial consultation, Adrian will talk to you about the outfit you want him to make for you — Is it for a particular occasion? Is there a specific effect you wish to achieve? What kind of style do you think best suits you? What kind of fabric fits with the overall effect you’re looking for? He’ll then talk you through all your options in terms of different cuts, styles, colours and fabrics. He will show you a range of more than 7,000 beautiful fabrics, all of which have been carefully sourced within the UK. Then he will take your measurements — over 30 of them, to make sure that the suit he makes for you will fit better than anything else ever has before.

Looking Your Best in Lichfield

Lichfield is a beautiful Staffordshire cathedral city that’s teeming with reasons to dress your best. It has a wide array of exciting events, attractions and festivals, including the annual Lichfield Greenhill Bower, which takes place every Spring Bank Holiday, and the international Lichfield Festival, that features all kinds of music and dance, drama and film, literature, poetry and visual arts. Not to mention the Lichfield Folk Festival, Lichfield Heritage Weekend, which incorporates the birthday celebrations of Dr Johnson, and the internationally renowned Lichfield Real Ale, Jazz and Blues Festival.

Whatever your reason to get dressed up in Lichfield, the Bespoke Tailor can make sure that you’re wearing the best possible outfit for the occasion. Give Adrian a call today on 07968 438 717 and set a date for your first meeting and personal consultation.