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Fine Tailoring In Stoke on Trent

Adrian Barrows (The Bespoke Tailor himself) regularly travels to Staffs to meet his Stoke-on-Trent clients, popping across from the Midlands or up from London or wherever he happens to be and conducting a one-on-one consultation either in his clients’ workplaces or at home.

During these initial consultations, Adrian gets to know you and figures out exactly what you’re looking for in your made-to-measure garment. He works out what image you’re hoping to get across, and what impression you’re hoping to make, then he brings his many years of experience to bear in showing you the options that are available to you, including the wide range of fabrics (over 7,000) and the many different cuts and styles and individual characteristics that you might want to opt for.

Looking Your Best in Stoke on Trent

For whatever reason you need to get dressed up smart and stylish and looking your absolute best in Stoke on Trent, The Bespoke Tailor can help you achieve the effect you’re looking to achieve, even if that effect is just making you feel comfortable and confident. Maybe you’re off for an evening of culture at the Regent Theatre in Stoke or at the New Vic in Newcastle-under-Lyme. Maybe you’re treating a special person in your life to an evening of decadence and luxury at the Stoke Park Country Club, where only something dazzling and 100% unique will do. Or maybe you have a visit to the sumptuous and history-steeped Upper House Hotel that was constructed in 1845 for the grandson of Josiah Wedgwood. Whatever your reason, Adrian can fix you up and have you feeling like a million dollars.

So, for any sartorial requirements you have, The Bespoke Tailor can deliver unbeatable quality at prices that do not break the bank. This latter he achieves by refusing to buy into what other tailors consider necessities, such as excessive shop-floor space or lots of publicity and marketing. Adrian relies on the power of his clothes and his reputation, passing the savings he makes on to his clients.

Look for tailors in Stoke on Trent? Then contact Adrian Barrows, The Bespoke Tailor on 07968 438 717 whenever you’re ready for your initial consultation. He’s waiting for your call.