Family heritage and 19 years of experience

Well Bespoke Tailor are a British Cloth Specialist meaning we have the ability to design, cut and create a suit from start to finish that reflects you as an individual. Our family heritage and 19 years of experience in the industry has given us the expertise to accommodate all types of needs whilst also having the expertise to advise you on what cloth and style would suit your needs best.

We do not create suits that are based just on why you need the suit, rather we take a holistic approach that takes into consideration several factors. For instance, if you are going to be wearing your suit outdoors you will require a heavy weight cloth to protect your garment from bad weather or you may require a lightweight cloth to compliment a blazer.

What we especially love is our talent to create pieces people recognise and ones that make clients not only ooze style, but confidence also. We are also immensely proud to have also seen some of the top sporting personalities around the world in a suit we have produced, enjoying that something that is unique to them.

Pushing Tailoring Boundaries

Our showroom in London is situated in the West End near Savile Row and has been home to creating thousands of pieces for clients, however we do not let our years of experience stop us from being passionate about what we do, we continue to push the boundaries and like any true tailor we are able to come and visit you in your place of work or home, which can be especially useful when you want to make the most out of your day or you are a purchasing a groom suit for your wedding day and your best men also require a fitting. We come armed with a variety of sample so you are bound to find something perfect for you.