10 Reasons

There are tailors the length and breadth of the country so why should you choose Adrian Barrows, The Bespoke Tailor?

Here are 10 compelling reasons why you should:

1. At work or home consultation

My clients are the most important aspect of my business. I understand how busy they are and that’s why I’m prepared to work to their diaries. Whether at their home or place of work, I will travel to a location of their choosing to provide a tailoring service to their door. This is what singles me out from my competitors.

2. British Cloth Specialist

Make no mistake, in Great Britain we weave the best cloth in the world and I’m only prepared to work with the best. British cloth is renowned throughout the globe for its sheer quality and, as a tailor of long standing; there is no other cloth that I prefer to work with.

3. Award Winning

I feel privileged to have a career where my clients take the time to nominate me for awards. These are some of the recent awards I have won:

  • 2014: The Wedding Industry Expert Winner: U.K and Worldwide
  • 2015: The Wedding Industry Expert Winner: U.K and Worldwide
  • 2015: The Wedding Industry Awards: Highly Commended.

4. Over 20 years’ experience

I live, eat and breathe tailoring. It’s virtually all I’ve ever done and all I want to do. Over the last 20 years I have worked with some of the top names in the industry and the skills and knowledge I have gained permeate through the work that I do.

5. 5,000 Fabrics

In tailoring you need to have choice. Every client is different and to create a garment that is truly bespoke, you need to have your pick from the best fabrics available. I offer my clients unrivalled choice in this field.

6. Business Attire

This forms a large part of my portfolio and I work with many CEOs and Managing Directors up and down the country to ensure that they have the suits and garments they need to create the presence and profile they require for the organisations that they lead.

7. Evening Wear

To truly stand out at a formal occasion you need high quality evening wear that is tailored to perfection. Off the peg doesn’t really cut it in this world and I design and create evening wear that gets my clients noticed.

8. Shooting Garments

I am renowned for designing and creating shooting suits with full working shoulder pleats, tweed jackets and clothes for the country. Country attire is increasingly becoming a big part of my business and over the years I have developed an expertise in this area.

9. Wedding Outfits

For one of the most important occasions in your life then a finely tailored suit for the groom and groomsmen is a must. Tailoring for weddings is a huge part of my business and as you can see from the aforementioned awards, my clients think I’m pretty good at it!

10. Styling

Many of my clients come to me not knowing what they really want or what suits them. I spend time getting to know my clients, the lifestyle they lead and the type of garments they need both for work and leisure. I then tailor garments that reflect their individual style and personality.


Two Piece Suits from – £995
Jackets from – £595
Trousers from – £195
Overcoats & Covert Coats from – £995