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Visiting Oxford on a regular basis to see our bespoke and made to measure suit clients, we have some extremely loyal customers who have been commissioning us for years. Taking care of their formal wear attire, they trust us to supply the best in British tailoring using only the best cloth mills in the U.K. From mills such as Dugdale to Holland & Sherry and Scabal, we have over 5000 cloth options for you to choose.

Whether you a student studying or a groom looking to have something made, we at The Bespoke Tailor are able to help. Are you looking for a made to measure suit? Oxford based clients come to see us in order to have a beautifully tailored garment made. They lean on our decades of experience to talk them through the daunting project of choice! There are thousands of choices available and when it comes to bespoke suits, oxford clients are faced with millions of options. Many find this too much and we understand this. After all, you did commission us to take care of this for you. This is why we get to know our clients. By speaking and understanding wholeheartedly your needs, we gather all the information required before cutting.  Is the garment for work? For a wedding? What time of the year will the suit be worn? All of this information is important to us and required to guide you in the right direction when it come to cloth choices.

We love the tailoring industry; It’s in our blood, it’s a great industry to work in and we enjoy seeing our clients.

Designing the garment is the time where we, the tailors and the client sit down and talk through the commission. Is it for work? A wedding maybe? We ask a series of questions including where the suit is to be worn and what time of the year. Bespoke and made to measure suits can be worn for all types of occasions and it’s imperative that we get under the skin of the client from the offset. When it comes to made to measure suits, Oxford fashionista’s loves this stage of the process!

Once we have the design done, it’s off to order the cloth and get cracking!

When commissioning a suit from The Bespoke Tailor, Oxford based clients can feel assured that the price that they are paying is not going towards marketing campaigns and shop rentals, the money is going directly into the garment that they are paying for.

Bespoke suits in Oxford have a long past and we are here to take it to the future.

Are you looking for a made to measure suit? Oxford is within our region. Email us today to book an appointment.

Benefits –

  • At Work or Home Consultation.
  • British Cloth Specialist.
  • Award Winning.
  • 19 Years Experience.
  • 5000 Fabrics
  • Business Attire
  • Evening Wear
  • Shooting Garments
  • Wedding Outfits
  • Styling

Prices –

  • Two Piece Suits from £995.
  • Jackets from £595.
  • Trousers from £195.
  • Overcoats & Covert Coats from £995.