The Life Of Tailors in London

I got into tailoring because of the romance of it all.When you read about what it used to be like during the Edwardian era, on Savile Row, clients bragging about their trusted tailor to one another at private clubs… To have a bespoke tailor in London was a mark of prestige. Diplomats were entertained by politicians and royalty in the custom-designed suits of tailors. Deals were made, wars begun and ended, beautiful women seduced, and it was all done with a perfect cut and stitch that told people: “This is a man to be reckoned with.”

I wanted to provide that kind of prestige to my own clients. I wanted to give them something they could be proud to wear to their most important functions; proud to say it came from me. Times have changed since the soot-drenched days of Edward, but good taste never goes out of style. I, like other tailors today, decided to put a modern twist on the bespoke tailor trade, and go directly to my clients instead of making them trek to Savile Row. People are busier today than they were back then, and being more accommodating means serving my clients better.

It also means I get to see more of this great city, and parts beyond. I travel far and wide to meet people in their own environments – office, home, summer getaway. They welcome me like a member of the family, and by seeing them in their own space, I can better understand their needs and tastes. I know their wives and kids, I’ve had dinner in their homes. I may “just” dressthem, but I do it with style and dedication, and I’ve earned the respect of every one of them.

How many careers today can offer that kind of reward? As their lives, positions in society and tastes evolve, I am there to keep them up to date, wherever they are. Yes, I am a tailor in London, but I am everywhere! I am in the nightclubs checking out what the beautiful people are wearing. I am in Paris honing my craft. I am in your office taking your measure while you’re on the phone with Tokyo.

London is one of the greatest, most vibrant cities on Earth, with ever-changing styles. It is a timeless city, steeped in the history of a glorious past and moving ever forward into newer and better things. A visitor can stand before Buckingham Palace, drinking in the glory of our Imperial past, and moments later will walk right past a nondescript building in which medical advances are being discovered or the new hot gadget is being developed.

This is my London. Those cutting edge researchers and developers? Those are my clients. So are the FTSE traders, corporate titans, and Queen’s Counsel. So are their fifteen year old sons, donning their first formals. They come to me, because they trust my taste, my skill and my discretion. First suits, Graduations, big interviews, first mergers, first trials, the walk down the aisle, the baptisms of their children… it is my honour to follow my clients through all the stages of their lives, and to help them put their best selves forward.

And I love it! Every day brings something new for me. Sure, I work in an out-of-the-way atelier; it keeps my costs down. Yours too. I can better focus on doing my job if I don’t have to worry about some Savile landlord raising my rent every three months. My overhead is low, and I get to travel. What a winning situation! It adds even more to the glamour of being a bespoke tailor in London.

With all the rewards this career has given me, I look forward to many years of dressing my clients and the generations that follow. It humbles me to know that when the deal closes, or when she says yes to the ring, or when he walks his daughter down the aisle, my work is with him, giving him reason to hold his head just a little higher. Perfectly tailored, timeless, tasteful,stylish, and memorable. I take pride in my work, and I know my clients do too.That, right there, is the greatest reward of all.