• Bespoke Suit

The Bespoke Tailor is different. Where clients used to enjoy the atmosphere of beautifully designed stores and champagne on arrival, many now realize that this is coming at a cost. Not only do these stores cost a fortune to run and staff, they also take away the quality of the garments themselves! Being a travelling tailor means I am not burdened with the costs of these stores savings not only myself but also the clients. From the point of view of the garment however, the quality remains to the highest of standards. Using only a select number of Huddersfield mills, ranging from Dugdale’s to Scabal, The Bespoke Tailor uses only the finest of fabrics to create the garments for their discerning clients.

On arrival to the client’s home or place of work, we sit down and from then I can the type of person you are. Based on conversations to wallpaper in the lounge, I try to profile the client and only show fabrics that I feel suitable to your needs. Here at The Bespoke Tailor I have a series of questions that are asked to each and every client in order to truly understand which cloth is suited for which commission. With 5000 fabrics at any one time, I feel that I have cloth for each occasion and believe that cloth choice is a truly integral part of whether the suit will last or not. From choosing the cloth, we’ll then talk about styling. With millions of choices at your disposal we can make something truly unique to you. Many tailors will only show you a set number of options: In my opinion, the tailor made suit belongs to the client and with that in mind will need to ultimately happy with the results. From ticket pockets to velvet, belt loops to the width of the pocket flaps, these all add up to make the garment that you are commissioning.

When commissioning garments from myself rather than another tailor in London, rest assured that the money you pay is going directly into the garment rather than the marketing, the store, the staff or champagne; its going into the garment and the quality of the garment each and every time!

Benefits –

  • At Work or Home Consultation.
  • British Cloth Specialist.
  • Award Winning.
  • 19 Years Experience.
  • 5000 Fabrics
  • Business Attire
  • Evening Wear
  • Shooting Garments
  • Wedding Outfits
  • Styling

Prices –

  • Two Piece Suits from £995.
  • Jackets from £595.
  • Trousers from £195.
  • Overcoats & Covert Coats from £995.